Teaching Light to Communicate!

Gallium Lighting, a pioneer in developing commercial LED lighting systems, continues to unlock useful secrets of modern light technology. Gallium’s joint research project with the University of California-Riverside’s UC-Light program is developing new wireless communication technology; “Visual Light Communications” (VLC). We are taking “Wi-Fi” to the next generation of wireless data communication, “Light-Fi”.

Lifi new Wifi TechnologyNew Led Lighting technology can be modulated to flash on and off so fast that humans cannot see it. These signals are perfect for communicating the same wireless data we transmit via radio waves, commonly referred to as “Wi-Fi”. This means that what we now do with physical wires, fiber optics and Wi-Fi, can also be done with light (Light-Fi).


Light does not produce any RF (Radio Frequency) interference, unlike radio waves, and is safe to use around medical, aircraft, or other RF sensitive devices. With over 1 billion wireless devices already in use worldwide the issue of cross device interference and diminishing bandwidth availability is a very real issue. The FCC has issued a warning stating that the available RF band used for most wireless devices will be completely saturated by the end of 2014.  Light-Fi is the solution to this problem.

LiFi the Ultimate Security

Secure data transmission is a critical and increasingly challenging issue. Today’s wireless technology uses common radio waves to carry sensitive and private data from one source to another.  Radio waves easily transmit through solid objects such as walls, floors and ceilings leaving wireless data vulnerable to collection by unauthorized or criminal entities.  Light transmission does not penetrate solid objects and can be contained within a given area, adding an additional layer of security and protection.


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