GALLIUM Partners with REDWOOD Smart Lighting Systems!

New Technology Solutions: Smart Lighting Control Systems for SSL Fixtures

Gallium Lighting and Redwood Systems have teamed up to provide Smart Lighting Control Systems for commercial applications.

Redwood Systems has developed an innovative, energy-efficient, low-voltage lighting system that provides advanced control capabilities along with rich building performance data to improve how commercial buildings are operated and maintained. Gallium has teamed up with Redwood to provide integrated and intelligent commercial down light solutions that cost-effectively deliver energy efficiency, daylight harvesting, motion/occupancy detection, user defined control parameters.  Both new construction and retro projects will realize:

  • Best-in-class energy savings
  • Real-time energy management and reporting
  • Building performance monitoring and enhanced workplace productivity
  • Reduced installation, commissioning and maintenance costs

Contact: Jeff Baxter, VP Business Development
Gallium Lighting Systems LLC
33562 Yucaipa Blvd. #4-342
Yucaipa, CA 92399
Office: (831) 425-5486
Cell: (951) 201-1831

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