Gallium LED Lighting Systems Helps Church to “See The Light”

Yucaipa’s Bryant Street Baptist Church Converts from Incandescent

To Environmentally-Friendly LED Lighting for Energy Cost Savings


YUCAIPA, CA – Gallium LED Lighting Systems, developer and leading-edge provider of lighting energy optimization services, announced the completion of an energy efficient lighting upgrade for Bryant Street Baptist Church in Yucaipa. The installation of the eco-friendly engineered lighting systems has drastically reduced lighting maintenance costs, and delivers 84% energy cost savings.

The rapidly expanding LED industry is the new era in lighting technology. Light emitting diodes (LED) are significantly more efficient than either incandescent or compact fluorescents, last up to four times as long, are safer with no lead or mercury, and no harmful emissions like ultraviolet rays. An important LED component is Gallium Nitride, a rare, soft silvery metal that’s used as a semiconductor. LEDs radiate very little heat, providing a high level of comfort and delivers unprecedented lumen output.

“We are proud to be at the forefront of a rapidly expanding eco-friendly industry,” said Jeff Baxter, Director of Business Development, Gallium Lighting Systems. “We work with agencies, architects, building engineers, lighting designers, electrical contractors, facility managers and designers to provide energy efficient LED lighting products that allow for creative designs in a variety of locations and applications. As this new technology evolves, architects are free to use their imagination to bring a fresh new look and expression to their designs.”


Bryant Street Baptist Church in Yucaipa recently deployed a Gallium LED Lighting System in its 40 year old, 4,800 square-foot Worship Center.  Previous fixtures lighting the Main Hall were 3 foot cylindrical, multi-incandescent-light pendants suspended from the 20 foot ceiling by chain. There were 16 such fixtures, each having a 200 watt bulb on the bottom circuit, and three – 100 watt bulbs on the top circuit.  Normal usage during services was for all lights to be on in order to produce 11 to 12 foot candles of light at reading level. At 500 watts per fixture, that’s an energy consumption rate of 8,000 watts per hour.

The new Gallium fixtures have a sleeker, more contemporary look and are designed to blend the light source into the overall aesthetic of the structure, without standing out.  The surface mounted 2 foot square fixtures contain four Gallium GS6 modules, each of which require only 20 watts, for a total of 80 watts per fixture.  With all lights running at full capacity the energy consumption rate is 1,280 watts per hour, yet they produce an average of 30 foot candles of light at reading level (three times the level produced by the previous light fixtures).  Another benefit realized with the Gallium LED Light System is the absence of “lighting hum,” the static noise picked up by sound systems in many auditoriums when lights are turned on or dimmed. Because the Gallium fixtures are made with solid state circuitry, all of the fixtures are “cleanly dimmable.” This means they can be dimmed to match the mood requirements of various events, yet will not emit the static background noise which is so familiar with incandescent arrays or ballast-based fluorescent lighting systems. “Being very cost conscious, we tried to retrofit the original fixtures with the screw-in type Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) replacement bulbs,” said Jerry Campbell, former Chairman of Trustees, “But they threw so much static noise into our sound system, we had to immediately remove them and put the incandescent bulbs back in the original fixtures.”

Bryant Street Baptist Church Installs Energy Saving LEDs

“We undertook the project because we wanted to bring a more contemporary look to our Worship Center. The Gallium Lighting System produces a brighter, cleaner looking light and is delivering dramatic cost savings by decreasing our energy usage.”, said Frank Kingsley, Senior Pastor of Bryant Street Baptist Church.  “In addition to the cost savings, numerous church members have complimented us on the enhanced look of the building as well as the overall lighting quality. The Gallium Lighting System helps us reduce our monthly costs, and it’s a better long-term solution for our environment. That’s exciting!”

“The Bryant Street Baptist Church installation is a terrific local story that brings the benefits of Gallium Lighting Systems ‘to light!”, said Jerry Keith, CEO, Gallium Lighting Systems. “I’m delighted about the completion of this important project. We look forward to working with many facilities like churches, schools, community centers, retail stores to provide similar cost-cutting, clean-tech solutions.”

Gallium Lighting may reduce lighting-related expenses up to 90% with the elimination of maintenance, re-lamping, and disposal costs associated with traditional lighting alternatives, and transforms lighting into a manageable asset to improve efficiency with a 25-30 year life span. Gallium’s LED light fixtures present a fresh new aesthetic appeal to conventional lighting, and their award-winning products meet or exceed Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and Energy Star testing and are backed by a 5-year warranty.

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Contact: Jeff Baxter, Director of Business Development

Gallium Lighting Systems LLC

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